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Troubleshooting Wireless Connections

Unable to connect to La BOX

If you see other networks, your card is Wi-Fi enabled. If not, activate it.

  •  Read the following article: How to Connect to the Wi-Fi?
  •  If you cannot connect, check that the Wi-Fi security key is valid. Connect to La BOX with an Ethernet cable and go to your account to find your key.
  • If the connection does not work, restart your computer and your BOX, then try again.


Slow connection

Restart by pressing the ON/OFF button at the back of La BOX. If this does not solve the problem, refer to the following articles:

> Optimizing the Wireless Network
> Changing the Wireless Channel


No Internet access

If the BOX Internet light is red, follow these recommendations:

  •  Check your cables. A telephone cable must be connected to La BOX and an xDSL filter to your telephone plug.
  •  Wait 15 to 20 minutes.
  •  If the Internet light does not change, contact Customer Service.


Customer Service

+377 99 66 33 00


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Troubleshooting Wireless Connections

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