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Automatic Update

To improve its stability and performance, La BOX is regularly and automatically updated. No action is required from you.

During the process, the blue Upgrade light turns on.

What should I do during the update?

  • No action is required from you. Do not unplug La BOX.
  • During the procedure, which lasts about 10 minutes, you will momentarily lose your Internet connection and unlimited telephone service (VoIP).
  • When the Upgrade light is off, the procedure is over. You can now use your Internet and VoIP services.

Note: La BOX will automatically restart after the process is finished.


Wi-FI connection lost after an upgrade:

The upgrading procedure may cause the deactivation of the wireless network. If the wireless light is off, we recommend reading the article Enabling and Disabling the Wi-Fi.


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Automatic Update

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