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Frequently Asked Questions Box THD

The offer

> What is an xDSL filter ?
An xDSL filter separates the voice frequencies from those used for the transfer of Internet data. Using this filter is highly recommended to ensure stability of your Internet and telephone connection.
> Do I have an email address ?
By default, when you subscribe to an Internet offer, no monaco.mc email address is defined for you.
Simply create one by logging into you myMT account.
> How do I know if my BOX is synchronized ?
Check the status of the broadband light. It should be a steady green.
If the ADSL light is blinking slowly or quickly, it means La BOX is not synchronized.
> How to send emails from outside of Monaco ?
You must activate the SMTP server authentication on your messaging application. You can also send or read emails directly from the Internet through Webmail.
If this does not work, use the SMTP server of your service provider abroad.

Read the following articles:
- Using Webmail
- Setting up a Messaging Application
> Can I use a telephone extension cord ?
We strongly recommend against using such an extension cord as it adversely affects the quality of your Internet connection.
> Can I send a fax by connecting my fax machine directly to my Box ?
No. The BOX's technology is not compatible with sending and receiving faxes. You must connect your fax machine to a telephone plug with an xDSL filter.
> How can I see the size of my emails in Webmail ?
Go the "Préférences d'affichage", select "Taille", then click on "Ajouter".
> How can I select all the elements of a folder in Webmail ?
Just click on the link "Tous" or "Inverser la sélection".

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