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Connecting the Box

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The Monaco Telecom Internet BOX gives you Internet access and unlimited telephone access.

You can choose to install the box yourself by following this article or request the installation by a qualified technician by visiting our store.


Connecting the telephone:

filtre adsl   Insert your xDSL filters on all the telephone plugs.
cable rj11        
Insert the RJ11 cable provided with La BOX in the xDSL filter, and connect it to La BOX (grey port - DSL).

Reconnect your telephones to the filter T-shaped end. No equipment must be connected directly to a plug. It must all be plugged to an xDSL filter.


connectique voip


Note: We strongly discourage using a telephone extension cord to connect La BOX to the plug as it can significantly reduce your broadband performance. We recommend only using the RJ11 cable provided with La BOX.

Connecting the unlimited telephone service:

La BOX allows you to have a second line and number. Calls made with this telephone to landlines in Monaco and continental France are considered unlimited. 

To know more about installing and using this new telephone, click here.

Electric connection:

prise secteur        
Connect the electrical cable to La BOX.

Connect the electrical cable to an outlet.

Start La BOX by pressing the ON/OFF button on the back. 
The green light turns on.


Note: We recommend using a surge protector to protect your BOX from lightning.


La BOX must automatically set up your Internet access at the first xDSL connection. During the procedure, which can last between 15 and 20 minutes, La BOX will restart.

When the auto-configuration is over, the Internet light must be a steady green.

If the Internet light does not turn green, restart La BOX and wait another 15 to 20 minutes. If the light does not change, contact Customer Service.

If the Internet light is green, go to the second step,
Connecting your Computer to the BOX.


 cable ethernet




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Connecting the Box

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