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Connecting a Computer

Ethernet connection (recommended)

The Ethernet connection to La BOX is the best solution for terminals equipped with an Ethernet card. This type of connection is more stable and offers a better output than a wireless network.

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to La BOX on one of the yellow Ethernet ports.
  • Start the computer.
  • Your Ethernet connection is operational.
connectique ethernet


The light of each Ethernet port indicates the connection status. If the light is on, it means that the device connected to La BOX is powered and the network card is activated.

La BOX has a red Ethernet port which is disabled by default. Do not connect any device to this port.

Connecting to the wireless network:

To connect your computer to La BOX wireless network, follow these links:

Click on the links above to read the articles.
Once these steps have been carried out, connect to your Wi-Fi from your computer with the information you retrieved.

Light status after connection:

voyant ethernet   .voyant wifi






Note: The color of the Wi-Fi light may be different depending on the Wi-Fi securing method. To know more, go to Securing the Wireless Network.


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Connecting a Computer

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