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Optimizing your Internet Connection

  • Use an xDSL filter on all your plugs
    • Plug the xDSL filter directly on the telephone plug (T-shaped plug).
    • Connect La BOX on the filter RJ11 outlet.
    • Connect your other equipment (telephones, fax, etc.) to the filter T-shaped end.
    • Do not connect an xDSL filter on the plugs, and do not install two filters on the same plug.




  • Do not use a telephone extension cord to connect La BOX to the wall telephone plug.  This would negatively affect the signal strength and lower the xDSL performance.


  • Use the cables and filters provided with La BOX by Monaco Telecom.
  • Keep La BOX away from high-power electrical equipment or radio emission equipment (electric heater, microwaves, etc.) and place it in a ventilated area.


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Optimizing your Internet Connection

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