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Securing the Wireless Network


·         Go to your MyMT account.

·         Click on the Internet tab.

·         Click on "Mes produits et services".

·         Go down to the "Matériel associé" section.

·         Click on the Tools button next to "Type de matériel".

·         Click on the Change button and replace WEP by WPA.

·         Select WPA-PSK and confirm.

·         Click on the Change button next to your Wi-Fi key.

·         Enter your new key, and confirm.

Why should the wireless network be secured? 

When Wi-Fi is enabled, your network becomes visible to everyone in the vicinity of your BOX. La BOX has a default Wi-Fi key to secure your wireless network and block unauthorized users. The more complicated the key, the better secured the network.

How to connect my devices?

To connect your devices (computer, mobile telephone, Box TV, etc.) to La BOX through the Wi-Fi network, use the access code which you can retrieve by logging into your account. You can also change your Wi-Fi key and its encryption type (WEP or WPA-PSK) from your account.

Note: Your request will be taken into account within 2 to 15 minutes.


How to choose a key?

For optimal security, Monaco Telecom recommends using a combination of digits and letters, and avoiding dictionary words. Example: AF452CAB695E.


Choosing between WEP and WPA-PSK

These are two different encryption protocols to secure wireless networks. Monaco Telecom recommends using WPA-PSK for optimal security.

Note: Not all devices support WPA (game stations, for instance). Some devices require a WEP key as they are not compatible with the WPA protocol.

What does the color of the Wi-Fi light of La BOX mean? 

·         Off: The Wi-Fi is disabled.

·         Red: The Wi-Fi is enabled but not secured (not configurable).

·         Orange: The WEP protocol is enabled (not recommended).

·         Green: The WPA protocol is enabled (recommended).


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Securing the Wireless Network

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