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Setting up Bridge Mode

Bridge Mode usually refers to the connections between La BOX and a router.

The bridge segments a network by keeping the local frames locally and forwarding the other frames. This reduces traffic (particularly collisions) on each of the networks, and increases confidentiality as the information intended for a network cannot be listened to on the other strand.

On the other hand, the filtering executed by the bridge can slightly slow down traffic when going from one network to another. This is why bridges must be carefully placed on a network. This mode requires a broadband PPPoE connection.


Creating a broadband PPPoE connection for Windows:
You must install a PPPoE client following the same procedure as for any other remote connection. To create a PPPoE connection:

  • In the configuration panel, double-click on Network and Internet (or Network Connections, and ignore Step 2).
  • Click on Network Connexions. Under Network Management, click on Create a new connection to the Internet to start the Assistant, then click on Next.
  • Select Connect to the Internet, then Next.
  • Select Set up my connection manually, then Next.
  • Select Connect using a broadband modem that requires a user name and password, or Connect using a broadband connection that is always on.
  • Enter your login.
  • Enter your password.
  • Confirm the password, then click on Next.
  • Select Add a shortcut to this connection on my Desktop.
  • Click on Finish to close the Assistant.


Creating a broadband PPPoE connection for Mac:

Go to System Preferences:

  • Configuration: AUTOMATIC
  • Display: Integrated Ethernet in the PPPoE tab:
  • Check Connect via PPPoE, then write the account name: 12345678@monaco, then the password. Then check the box to save. ONCE THIS IS DONE: Uncheck Connect via PPPoE (the name and password remain grayed out). Return to the TCP/IP tab.
  • Set up:  Via DHCP you have an IP similar to 192.168.0.xxy with an identical sub-network mask ( and a router 192.168.0.xxx (identical to the IP address of the main computer).


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Setting up Bridge Mode

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