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Configuring Game and Application Sharing

To fully enjoy an application, file sharing, online games or a play station, you may have to set up your Monaco Telecom Box. You will need to create NAT (port opening) rules from La BOX management interface.


How to create a NAT rule?
1. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), then enter the following address in the address bar: http://box.lan or

2. In your box interface, click on Toolbox on the left.

3. Click on "Partage de jeu et de l'application".

The page displays the current NAT rules with three options:


Assign a game or application to a LAN device
This option lets you select the program to be authorized from a predefined list, then the equipment to which the rule will be assigned.


Create a game or application
If the application is not included in the predefined list, you can create your own rule by entering the ports to be authorized. Then, assign the rule as indicated above to be able to select the application you just created.


Edit a game or application
With this option, you can change the settings of a predefined application or an application you created.


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Configuring Game and Application Sharing

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