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Enabling Forwarding to Another Email Address

You can set up automatic forwarding of your email address to another address. When this feature is enabled, all messages received on your monaco.mc email address are transferred to the predefined address.


Setting up email forwarding
Log into your account, then go to "Gérer les services Internet" in the Internet tab.

Click on "Gérer" next to the address you want to change.


Fill in the field "Renvoi automatique de mail" with the address to which you want to send the emails, then click on "Valider" at the bottom of the page.



The service is now enabled. All messages received on the monaco.mc address will be transferred to the forwarding address.


How to disable email forwarding

In the field "Renvoi automatique de mail", select the email address, then delete your selection.

Click "Valider" at the bottom of the page to confirm. 


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Enabling Forwarding to Another Email Address

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