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Voice Mail (888) from Abroad

Before going abroad, initialize the secret code of your voice mail.
Dial 888, then 2 (options), and 2 (secret code). Follow the instructions.

Important: To access voice mail from abroad, you must create a password in Monaco or continental France before leaving.

> Keep your secret code in a safe place. You will need it to view your messages abroad. 
> Make sure it is activated by calling your messaging service from a landline at +33 6 07 07 88 88. 

Abroad:  How to access my voice mail
Dial 888.
If 888 is not accessible, dial +33 6 07 07 88 88 from your mobile telephone or a landline and follow the instructions. Your 10-digit telephone number and your secret code are required.
The cost to access voice mail is the same as a call to Monaco from the location from which you are calling. The rate depends on your package and the country from which you are calling.


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Voice Mail (888) from Abroad

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