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A Malfunctioning Mobile Phone

Is your SIM card locked?

The message "Entrez code PUK" (Enter PUK code) or "carte bloquée" (Locked card) is displayed on your screen.


You will need your PUK code to unlock your mobile telephone after three invalid PIN code attempts. This code is displayed on the upper part of the first page of your contract.


Is your SIM card defective?

If you have another mobile telephone, test your SIM card with it. If you can make and receive calls, it means your smartphone is defective. If you cannot make calls, your SIM card is defective.


Go to a Monaco Telecom store to get another one.


Is your telephone malfunctioning?

If your telephone does not turn on or is defective, and the problem is not due to the SIM card, contact the store where you purchased it.

Note: For all Apple devices, go to the online repair store or visit the closest Apple Store.


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A Malfunctioning Mobile Phone

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