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Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises

This article aims to inform you on communication rates not covered by your package.


Calling a special number:

Calls to special numbers are not included in your package. The rate depends on each number and the cost is shown as added cost on your invoice.


As a reminder, a special number is:

- A 10-digit number beginning with 08

- A short 2 to 4-digit number beginning with 1

- A 4-digit number beginning with 3

- Or a 6-digit number beginning with 118 (French directory assistance)


Sending an SMS+ (surcharged message):

SMS+s (short -digit numbers) are services available by SMS. They enable you to receive a code to access a Web service, for instance, or to receive music on your mobile telephone.

They include a maximum rate for the SMS service on top of the cost for sending it which varies depending on the recipient.

- 2X XXX ---> + €0.05 to €1.50 VAT included

- 3X XXX ---> No surcharge

- 4X XXX ---> + €0.05 VAT included

- 5X XXX ---> + €0.20 VAT included

- 6X XXX ---> + €0.35 VAT included

- 7X XXX ---> + €0.50 VAT included

- 8X XXX ---> + €1.50 VAT included


Mobile Internet abroad:

We recommend disabling the mobile Internet while traveling abroad if your package does not include a Data Roaming option. This can lead to heavy surcharges on your invoice.


Tariff zones:

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Avoiding Unpleasant Surprises

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