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QR Codes

QR codes are barcodes which give you access to instant information about your telephone. You can view QR codes on many supports: newspapers, advertisements, invoices, notices, marketed articles, etc.
Simply flash the code with your built-in camera to access a Web site.


What does a QR code look like? 



How to read a QR code 

To read a QR code, you must have:

- A smartphone with a camera

- A QR code reader to be downloaded from your smartphone app store

We recommend that you have the DATA option in your plan, as reading QR codes requires the use of mobile Internet.


To scan a QR code:

- Start the application. 

- A viewfinder opens on the screen.

- Aim your telephone toward the QR code.

- Your smartphone recognizes the code, and opens the related Web page.

Example of a free QR code application:


Flashcode lecteur code-barres



QR Droïd
QR Barcode Scanner


QR Code Scanner Free


Windows Phone:

QR Code Reader


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QR Codes

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