Designed for businesses, Connectivity is the dedicated Fiber solution (FTTO) that allows you to fully harness your company’s digital potential:

What is dedicated fiber ?

Dedicated Fiber or FTTO (Fiber To The Office) is the most advanced technology for Internet access. As the name suggests, Dedicated Fiber is designed exclusively for businesses. Internet access is directly connected to the optical connection point. This exclusive connection allows for high-speed data exchange on a dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth.

Dedicated fiber vs. Shared fiber

Connecting your business to shared fiber or FTTH (Fiber To The Home) means sharing your connection with other fiber users. The bandwidth is not guaranteed and varies depending on the usage of businesses and individuals connected to the same connection node. In practical terms, Dedicated Fiber is well-suited for demanding data exchanges such as video conferencing, hosting, multimedia file downloads, and more.

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For an IT professional, the Connectivity offer is safe and secure. It allows for a more peaceful working environment because Monaco Telecom provides all the assurances

All your questions about Connectivity

Fiber optic is an optical connection made of glass strands as thin as a human hair. This technology offers data speeds up to 160 times faster than ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) connections. Unlike ADSL and VDSL (Very High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line), fiber optics is not sensitive to weather-related disruptions. Furthermore, its signal does not weaken with the distance between the customer’s site and the connection point.

The choice of your Fiber offer depends on various parameters directly related to your business activities. Your needs in terms of connection speed, redundancy, reliability, security, etc. All of these factors should be disucssed with a Monaco Telecom expert so that we can recommend the most suitable offer.

The set-up of the dedicated fiber will be processed as follows:
Line Installation: Once the contract has been signed, Monaco Telecom will physically deploy the optical fiber from the nearest connection point to your location.
Network Setting: We will set-up the interconnection to meet your specific needs, taking into account security, redundancy, and performance.
Testing and Reviewing: Thorough tests will be conducted to ensure that the connection is working correctly and meeting your performance requirements.
Activation: Once everything is ready, and the tests are successful, the dedicated fiber internet connection will be activated for your business.
Monitoring and Evolution: Each customer is monitored by a dedicated account manager to ensure that your offer fully satisfies your needs and evolves as necessary.

Wi-Fi 6 is one of the latest wireless network standards certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the consortium responsible for establishing technical standards for Wi-Fi technology. The main benefits of Wi-Fi 6 are speed, stability, and increased battery life for connected devices.

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