Experience the lightning speed of Fibre

A concentration of technology.

Gbps 2 x 3.0

Up to
10 Gbps

Gbps 2 x 3.0

Wi-Fi 6

Gbps 2 x 3.0

Smart Wi-Fi

Gbps 2 x 3.0

1,5 GHz Processor
Quad Core

Wi-Fi 6 :

The most efficient of Wi-Fi!

With specifications largely superior to Wi-Fi 5 and a speed going up to 1 Gbps, this new generation of Wi-Fi allows you to make the most of your connection like never before. With Wi-Fi 6, your speed will remain constant even if several devices are connected simultaneously to your Box.
Wi-Fi 6 can accelerate the reception speed by processing it simultaneously. Concretely, you will now be able to watch your series in the living room, whilst the youngest of the family is listening to streamed music in his room, and the elder one starts playing online video games. All of this, without latency nor slowdown.
The 6th generation of wireless network is intelligent. It tells your devices when to put their Wi-Fi on sleep mode to save battery. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Wi-Fi 6 also has the ability to better handle congested Wi-Fi networks.

Smart Wi-Fi :

Anywhere in the house with Smart Wi-Fi

Thanks to the Smart Wi-Fi repeater, the Wi-Fi 6 signal of your Fiber Box is shared, amplified and stable throughout your home. Smart Wi-Fi uses the Wi-Fi Mesh technology integrated into your Box and automatically connects your device to the access point that provides you with the best connection with the band steering technology. The quick and easy set up of these small terminals in your flat allows you to move around your home peacefully, without ever losing your connection.

Monaco Telecom is a signatory of the National Pact

Since May 2019, Monaco Telecom has been working on reducing the Principality’s greenhouse gas emissions.  

Monaco Telecom reduces the environmental impact of its new Fiber box.

Reduced carbon footprint

Box made of 100% recycled plastic

Specially designed to be reconditioned

Energy saving functions​​


TV where you want, when you want.

Apple TV 4K

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to know about Monaco Telecom Fiber

Test your eligibility on the website https://lafibre.monaco-telecom.mc. You will have an immediate response by entering the name of your building or your postal address.

Nothing’s easier! After checking you are eligible for Fiber, go to your closest store to subscribe.

Boutique de Fontvieille

9 Rue du Gabian

Du lundi au samedi de 9h à 17h30

Boutique de Monte Carlo

30 Boulevard des Moulins

Du lundi au vendredi de 9h30 à 13h et de 14h à 18h

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest wireless network standard certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, the consortium in charge of setting up technical standards for Wi-Fi technology. The main advantages of Wi-Fi 6 are speed, stability and greater autonomy of connected devices. This technology represents the best solution towards multiconnection. Hence, you will enjoy a stable and efficient flow even when using several devices at the same time.
If you already have the Monaco Telecom Fiber Box and if your devices (smartphone, tablet, computer) are Wi-Fi 6 compatible, then you can benefit from the advantages associated with this new standard. Just make sure your Wi-Fi connection is turned on and your devices connected. If so, you will be able to enjoy the network like never before.
Place your terminal halfway between your Fiber Box and an area poorly covered by your Box’s Wi-Fi. Be careful not to position it in a confined space or on a non-rigid surface. The terminal cannot be placed outdoors.
Wi-Fi Mesh technology is integrated into the Monaco Telecom Fiber Box. This technology, coupled with Smart Wi-Fi terminals, creates high-performance and stable network coverage. You can connect anywhere in your home without having to change your connection point. Everything is done automatically.
On average, a person spends nearly 3 hours a day online with a personal use growing every year. To help you choose the best Internet offer, the Monaco Government has created a page that can be checked by clicking here. You will find user examples associated with consumption data.​​

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Boutique de Fontvieille

9 Rue du Gabian

du lundi au samedi de 9h à 17h30

Boutique de Monte Carlo

30 Boulevard des Moulins

du lundi au vendredi de 9h30 à 13h et de 14h à 18h

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