Fiber Pro has been designed to boost your business activity.

4 ports Ethernet 1 Gbps

2 ports USB 3.1

Quad Core Processor

Integrated Wi-Fi Mesh Technology

Wi-Fi 6 Certified

A concentration of technology

Smart Wi-Fi

Thanks to Wi-Fi 6, the Monaco Telecom Fiber Pro Box manages many devices connected simultaneously without degrading the bandwidth. The Internet speed is optimised and the latency minimised.  This signal is amplified and stable thanks to Thanks to the Smart Wi-Fi routers. These routeurs use the Wi-Fi Mesh technology built into the Box and automatically connect each device to the access point that provides the best connection. By choosing Fiber Pro, you provide optimal Wi-Fi access for your employees and clients.

Keys to Peace of Mind

Is your Internet connection essential for your business? To provide you with continuity of service, the Fibre Pro Premium and Platinum offers include an automatic switchover mechanism to a second access in case of a network cut. Connected to the Fiber Box, the mobile broadband key offers you a substitute Internet network to carry on simple activities (email exchange, web browsing, etc.). The return to your Fiber network is done automatically.
By subscribing to La Fibre Pro, Monegasque companies benefit from specific support from teams 100% based in Monaco:
• A professional commercial space dedicated to the Fontvieille boutique with specialist advisers
• Technicians specialized in Fiber for efficient and personalized installation
• A dedicated customer service reachable at 99 66 68 86 from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 7 pm, and Saturday, 8 am to 5:30 pm

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"We didn't want to wait until the last moment to switch to Fiber Pro. We are very pleased that we did. The connection is much better, resulting in improved work quality."

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In case of a network cut, the mobile broadband key, plugged into your La Fibre Pro Box, automatically takes over (included in the La Fibre Pro Premium and Platinum offers). You then benefit from a substitute Internet network to pursue simple activities (emailing, web browsing, etc.). The activation of your mobile broadband key triggers the sending of an information email inviting you to call your customer service. When the network is reestablished, the switch to the main fiber access is done automatically.

Bridge mode allows you to deactivate the integrated router into your Box La Fiber Pro. You can then use a router of your choice without the problem of “double routing” and port forwarding. For this mode to work correctly, make sure that only one device is connected to your Box: your external router. All your devices (PC, smartphones, etc.) must be connected (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) to the external router, and no longer to the Monaco Telecom Fiber Pro Box.

Activating Bridge mode results in:
• The loss of Monaco Telecom Internet services (example: Wi-Fi)
• Disabling NAT and Firewall services
• Activation of the parameters carried by the additional router
• In the event of a malfunction, operator tests will be carried out in standard mode.

Wi-Fi Mesh technology is integrated into the Monaco Telecom Fiber Box. This technology, coupled with Smart Wi-Fi terminals, creates high-performance and stable network coverage. You can connect anywhere in your home without having to change your connection point. Everything is done automatically.

Place your terminal halfway between your Fiber Box and an area poorly covered by your Box’s Wi-Fi. Be careful not to position it in a confined space or on a non-rigid surface. The terminal cannot be placed outdoors.

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